Placebo Meeting: Raz LabPlacebo Meeting 2012

Information for Participants

Submission Information

For Invited Presenters:

Invited presenters must submit an abstract and then a written draft of their original presentation before the meeting. After the meeting, each presenter will incorporate new insights and feedback into a final chapter version of their presentation for an edited volume.

We kindly ask that you to respect the following deadlines:

Please submit all materials as attachments to

The title of the meeting, "Placebos in the Clinic?: Fostering Ethical, Educational, Policy and Practical Consensus," refers to discussions on the sound translation of placebo research into clinical practice. Placebo refers to a broad concept including placebo effects, placebo-like treatments, and conventional or complimentary/alternative treatments known or believed to work primarily through placebo-mechanisms.

Drawing from your area of expertise, please choose one, or a combination of, the following 4 themes to guide your original presentation:

  1. Therapeutic Potentials of Placebos
  2. Placebos in Medical Education
  3. Contemporary Legal and Ethical Implications of Placebos in the Clinic
  4. Towards Policy Recommendations for Placebos in the Clinic

The presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes in duration. Each presentation will be followed by a period of discussion by assigned discussants, a 5-minute opportunity for presenter responses and a brief opening up to the floor.

See Meeting Description and Background for more information on content.

For Invited Discussants:

Invited discussants are each assigned a presentation for which they are expected to prepare a 6-8 minute commentary. Presenters will have a chance to respond to your commentary.

Please see the program to familiarize yourself with your assigned discussant. You will have access to their paper as soon as it is ready.

Meeting Content


Please click here to access the meeting content. Username and password required.

Travel and Accommodation


Participants are to make their own travel arrangements to the meeting. Place advise Karine Campanelli of your travel plans (arrival dates/times and contact information).

A discounted rate is available at New Residence Hall Hotel for all of our meeting participants (5-10 minute walk from the meeting locations). Please contact Karine Campanelli if you wish to take advantage of this rate.



Day 1 Locations

Plenary Breakfast

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Thomson House, McGill Downtown Campus
Room: Ballroom, 3rd floor
3650 McTavish, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2
Tel: (514) 398-3756
Tel: 514-398-1289


Travel, Accommodation and Expenses
Email: (Karine)
Mailing Address:
Duff Medical Building #103 at the Montreal Neurological Institute
3775 University Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4

We thank the following sponsors for their generous support for this meeting:

CIHR   McGill University   Jewish General Hospital

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