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Neural Correlates of Thought

Producing visual images capable of rousing even devout conformists, neuroimaging has transformed the neurosciences. While most experts agree on the relative merits and limitations of neuroimaging technology, many consumers embrace brain imaging without critically heeding its inherent shortcomings. With popular sensationalism intimating forms of technological mind-reading, including fMRI-based lie detectors in courtrooms, such methodologies often fascinate rather than explain.

Authorship, Conscious Will, and Free Choice

Philosophical research has revealed a great deal about three categories of behavior: conscious decision-making, authorship, and sense of control. However, little conclusive evidence regarding their interdependent nature has been found, due to the difficulties in separating their influences on tasks such as decision-making. We created a neuroscientific paradigm that allows us to modulate these three processes and therefore distinguish their autonomous effects during a decision-making task.